About us

Welcome to Bonafide®, 

A streetwear brand for men, where every piece tells a story. We believe that sustainable streetwear should be available for all while maintaining unique designs and quality
We believe in doing business fairly and responsibly. 

'We consider it as our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth and its people.'

We only use sustainable materials for our products. Most of our products are made from 100% organic cotton. Our products are Vegan approved and Certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and Control Union. 

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Our Core values are Sustainability, Transparency and Quality

  • 100% sustainable is not achievable yet, but taking small steps is. Every little improvement is profit. It's all about your own contribution, start with Bonafide®.
  • We're fully transparant, because we think the customers are entitled to that. 
  • At Bonafide®, our customers are our topmost priority, making sure that they are always satisfied and provided with the best quality clothing at fair prices.
  • We have what you are looking for in men's fashion, and we support your drive to remain true to yourself through your choice of clothing. 

Our purpose

As a goal-oriented person, I have created the brand to achieve my long-term passion that includes owning a clothing brand and positively impacting the world, the people and the animals. Our purpose is to spread awareness about the fast fashion industry and the inequality. We're also motivating our target group to be the best version of themselves. We do that with inspiring quotes, engaging with them and through our clothes. All that with a plan to donate a portion of our profits to charitable courses in the future
Bonafide Bonafide 
Bonafide Bonafide
Bonafide Bonafide